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Beautiful New Gateway Awning and Passenger Walkway Puts a New Shine on the Ferry-Passenger Experience at Magong Port
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    2020-06-12 ~ 2021-06-12
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Magong Port in the Penghu Archipelago, currently administered by TIPC on behalf of the Maritime and Port Bureau, has undergone a facelift in hopes of creating a fresh, new image for the port and improving passenger-service capabilities. An expansive new white-canvas awning and covered walkway, opened in April of this year (2020), provide an eye-catching, welcoming symbol for passengers arriving and departing by ferry from this popular travel destination.

Magong Port, a domestic port in the Penghu Archipelago in the Taiwan Strait, is a major hub for ferry and cargo traffic between mainland Taiwan and the archipelago. The rising popularity of Penghu as a tourist destination has led to a steady rise in passenger transits and an increase in ferries plying the Taiwan – Penghu route. To ensure adequate ferry berthing and passenger handling capacities, Magong Port has already shifted a portion of its cargo handling operations to the nearby Longmen-Jianshan Port District and made passengers the focus of future development efforts at Magong Port, with plans in the works to expand the port’s leisure and water recreation facilities.

Designed in full compliance with Coast Guard passenger safety and Customs duty-free control regulations, Magong’s passenger wharf district now shines with a friendly new ambiance due to the new awning and walkway installation. The white canvas of the awning symbolizes safe arrival in port. The covered walkway gives passengers shelter from the elements as they move from the gateway to wharves 2 through 8. Public seating is available throughout. The design of the awning and walkway harmoniously intertwine to amplify Penghu’s maritime theme and reflect the idea of waves glittering in the sunshine. By day, the area processes embarking and disembarking passengers. By night, the area opens up as a city leisure space, welcoming visitors and residents alike to enjoy Magong’s enticing harbor scenes. We warmly invite you to vacation in the Penghu Archipelago, where azure seas and blue skies await!

Provided by:Magong District Office, Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC
Contact Person:Wen-yi Lin, Director
Telephone No.:06-9272006
E-mail Address:T02126@twport.com.tw

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