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Completion of Taiwan’s Largest Marine Engineering Project Significantly Boosts Port of Kaohsiung Competitiveness
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    2020-03-06 ~ 2021-03-06
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The Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC), with support and guidance from the Executive Yuan and Ministry of Transportation and Communications, is making strong progress in creating a new large container transshipment terminal that is ideally suited to the long-term needs of global shipping. As part of this effort, work finished in December 2019 on the nation’s largest-ever port land reclamation project – Port of Kaohsiung Intercontinental Container Terminal (ICT) Phase Two.

For more than a century, the Port of Kaohsiung has evolved successfully to the needs of increasingly large cargo ships and of domestic and international commerce. In March of 2011, the Port of Kaohsiung launched a comprehensive new strategy and blueprint to address 21st-century shipping priorities and to flexibly meet rapid changes in the global shipping sector. The ICT project has been a cornerstone in Port of Kaohsiung’s plans to tap into current and future business opportunities, to add new land to the port that will facilitate the streamlining of current container terminal operations, to allow the construction of new deep-water berths capable of handling today’s largest container vessels, and to open up new space for related industry investment and activity. Land reclamation efforts are further allowing the consolidation of the oil storage tanks away from nearby residential areas and the opening of new opportunities for port-city cooperation and engagement that will add new value to the city’s economy, new public spaces for city residents, and continued momentum into the port’s ongoing commitment to sustainable, green-port operations.

The Port of Kaohsiung ICT project includes construction of a 6,810m outer breakwater, 6,721m of new quay length, 422.5ha of reclaimed land. Reclaimed ICT land includes space designated for 19 new deep-water wharves and adjacent yard / support land. These include a total 2,415m of quay length set to accommodate five, -18m deep-water berths able to service the latest mega container vessels; a total 2,710m of quay length set to accommodate ten, -16~18m deep-water petrochemical berths; and a total 1,150m of quay space set to accommodate four, -16m deep-water berths able to service deep-draught bulk cargo vessels. The cost of ICT construction is expected to top NT$112 billion, NT$26.9 billion and NT$85.6 billion of which are government and private investment, respectively, making the ICT a standout model of private sector – government cooperation on transportation infrastructure projects.

The Port of Kaohsiung ICT project is also Taiwan’s largest marine engineering project in recent decades, with major related components including construction of an outer breakwater, coastal berths, and reclaimed land. In line with eco-sustainability principles, the ICT project incorporates key water ecology protection / conservation initiatives. Moreover, the project has earned a number of key awards and recognitions, including Public Construction Golden Safety and Golden Quality awards (2016 Golden Safety Award, 2016 Golden Quality Award, 2017 Golden Quality Award, and 2018 Golden Quality Award), breaking the all-time award record for domestic marine-engineering projects.

To further strengthen its support of the petrochemical industry at the Port of Kaohsiung, the TIPC has signed long-term contracts and leased land to CPC Corp. and other private petroleum-sector enterprises. To further solidify the Port of Kaohsiung as a key Western Pacific shipping hub, TIPC has signed long-term contracts with container shipping companies and built out its modern container ship handling and logistics capabilities. Furthermore, the Port of Kaohsiung has made significant progress in restoring and repurposing the old harbor area. Future plans call for relocating bulk cargo shippers from Zhongdao District to the new commercial port area, freeing up land at Zhongdao for more lucrative purposes that help increase port revenues, create a new engine for economic growth in southern Taiwan, and facilitate the Port of Kaohsiung’s transformation into a 21st-century smart port.




Provided by:Construction Management & Engineering Dept., Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC
Contact Person:Wei-cheng Chung, Manager
Telephone No.:07-5622476
E-mail Address:glob1027@twport.com.tw

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