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Budai Port Introduction
Budai Port Introduction :  Budai Port is located on the Taiwan Strait in Budai Township, Chiayi County at 23º 22’ 46” north latitude / 120º 7’ 14” east longitude. Berth water depths, measuring -7.5 meters, are suitable for berthing ships of less than 5,000 tons.


Cargo Handled by the Port East No .1 to East No. 3 quay area
Port facilities
The port operates facilities that are essential to ship navigation, including lighthouses, warning buoys, navigation buoys, transit beacons, and a navigation basin. Budai port offers 5 wharves (3 for general and 2 for bulk cargo) and 2 cement silos (700 ton capacity x 2).

 Cement Silos
Cement Silos

 Tourist Service Center and Parking
Tourist Service Center and Parking Facilities
Vessel Carriers
Name Ship Type Gross tonnage Destination Operator Telephone
JIN YI ZHI XING Passenger steamer 446 Magong Chia-ho Shipping Co. 886-6-9260666 
KAI-SHIUAN NO.3  Passenger steamer 482 Magong Kai-Shiuan Shipping Co. 886-6-9277995 
ALL STAR NO.1     Passenger steamer 430 Magong All-star Shipping Co. 886-6-9269721 
PESCADORES Passenger steamer 198 Magong Bravelline CO.,LTD. 886-6-9268199
CHEN-EE    General Cargo Ship 1215 Magong Chen-ee Shipping Co. 886-5-3477727
SAM BO LUN General Cargo Ship 670 Longmen-Jianshan Port Far Ocean Marine Transport CORP. 886-5-3472119
CHIA-MIN General Cargo Ship 588 Suogang Chia-min Shipping Co. 886-5-3476201
CHIA-KIN General Cargo Ship 992 Jinmen Olympic Shipping Co. 886-5-3478953
Traffic Information
 traffic map
Public Transportation: The Sinying Bus Co. (departing from Sinying City) and Chiayi Bus Co. (departing from Chiayi City) each run a twice-daily bus service to Budai Port. Buses typically reach the port over the Chungshan (No. 1) Freeway via county Highways #172 and #168.
Budai Port is committed to combining resources and objectives with Chiayi County to develop the local economy and provide opportunities for tourism and leisure.
FAX  : 05-3475256
Address : No.334-61,Zhongshan Rd., Budai Township, Chiayi County, TAIWAN, R.O.C. 

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