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Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC FB



Max. Vessel Size Accommodated Max. Vessel Size Accommodated
Makung Terminal Zone
Tons passenger liner/ Cruise Ship
Longmen Jianshan Terminal Zone 
Tons Bulk Cargo
Channel Channel
Makung Terminal Zone
Width: 150 M
Depth: -8M
Longmen Jianshan Terminal Zone 
Width: 100 M
Depth: -7 M
Turning Basin Radius Turning Basin Radius
Makung Terminal Zone: 155 M
Longmen Jianshan Terminal Zone : 150 M
 Port Capacity Port Capacity
Bulk Cargo: 1.3m Tons/ Year
Port Area Port Area
Makung Terminal Zone
Water Area: 60.4 Ha
Land Area: 9.9 Ha
Longmen Jianshan Terminal Zone 
Water Area: 131.8 Ha
Land Area: 15.9 Ha
Average Loading/Unloading Volume (2018-2020) Average Loading/Unloading Volume(2018-2020)
Bulk Cargo  ≒ 1.1m Freight Tons/ Year
Piers Piers
Makung Terminal Zone
Longmen Jianshan Terminal Zone 


Location & Description
Penghu Harbor encompasses two areas: the Magong (Makung) Port District and the Longmen-Jianshan Port District.

Magong (Makung) Port District: Located along the southeastern coast of Penghu Island at 23°33’42” north latitude / 119°33’06” east longitude. Its U-shaped harbor provides natural shelter from the open waters of the Taiwan Strait. The harbor entrance faces west. Magong Port is the gateway to the Penghu Archipelago and is the main entry point for goods used and consumed on the island.

Longmen-Jianshan Port District: Located on the southwestern coast of Penghu Island at 23°33’23” north latitude / 119°40’20” east longitude.

The Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau established the Magong (Makung) Harbor Office on September 1st, 1947 to manage commercial ports in the archipelago. 
  The Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau in Sep.1 1947 established Magong(Makung) Harbor Office in Penghu. Makung Office is the management institution for Punhu Harbor.
Harbor Facilities
Magong (Makung) Port
Magong Port operates 9 wharves of a total 956 meters in operable length. Wharf specifics are noted in the table below:
No. Length Designed
Utilization Remarks
1 190m -7.0m Passenger & Cargo Steel pile, bridge-type wharf. Adjacent to a 8,145m² yard with no storehouse facilities.The Wharve is suitable for cruise ship berthing.Able to handle passenger vessels up to 50,000GT.
2 140m -6.0m Passenger Steel pile, bridge-type wharf. The 12-story Port Building is located behind the wharf. Adjacent to a 2,800m² yard with no storehouse facilities. Able to handle passenger vessels below 3,000GT.
3 137m -6.0m Fuel, Water, and Passenger
Jetty-type wharves constructed in the 1930s. A steel pile, bridge-type wharf, extending 26.5 meters southward, was added in June, 1971. Wharf width is about 11m with no storehouse facilities. There is one fuel connection and two water connections at mid-wharf.
4 128m -6.0m Fuel, Water, Military and Passenger (Multi-purpose)
5 60m -4.5m Passenger  
6 103m -7.0m Passenger Original wharf was a transverse, stone block structure 185m in length, with a designed depth of -3.5m. 8,800m² of reclaimed land has been added southward. Three steel pile, bridge-type wharves with no storehouse facilities were opened in February, 1992. . Wharves can handle the berthing of cargo vessels below 5,000GT. The Tai Hwa ferry running the Kaohsiung-Magong line currently berths here.
7 56m -7.0m Passenger
8 103m -7.0m Passenger
Longmen-Jianshan Port
  Longmen-Jianshan Port operates 8 wharves of a total 1,003 meters in operable length. Wharf specifics are noted in the table below:
Wharf No. Length Designed
Utilization Remarks
1 150m -3.5m Passenger  
2 150m -4.0m General Cargo Wharf able to handle cargo vessels below 2,000DWT.
3 100m -3.5m General Cargo
4 100m -3.0m General Cargo
5 100m -4.5m General Cargo
6 100m -4.5m General Cargo
7 152m   General Cargo Wharf is currently in the planning stage.   
8 102m   General Cargo Wharf is currently in the planning stage.
9 151m -7.0m General Cargo Wharf able to berth cargo vessels / bulk carriers below 5,000DWT.
10 140m -7.5m Fuel Wharf is currently in the planning stage, with specifications calling for the support of fuel tankers up to 6,000DWT.
11 161m   Multi-purpose Wharf is currently in the planning stage.
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