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Introduction to Kaohsiung Free Trade Zone



The Creation of Free Port Areas is a sub-plan ( no. 7) of the central government’s plan entitled, Challenge 2008: Key National Development Plans (2002-2007). Free port development will confer many advantages,
including the creation of a modern port operational environment, increase distribution flow efficiency, raise the competitiveness of both Kaohsiung Port and the nation, and spur further development of Taiwan’s logistics management capabilities.


Locational Advantages

Kaohsiung Port is Taiwan’s largest international harbor, with a large surface area and a vast hinterland, moderate weather, and a long, narrow sandbank just offshore to serve as a natural breakwater. This fine natural harbor enjoys a geographic position at the hub of shipping routes through the Taiwan Strait and the Bashi Channel. It is also an essential point on American, European, and Asian navigation routes--unparalleled conditions that make Kaohsiung the foremost gateway and cargo hub for Taiwan’s imports and exports.

Demarcated Area

The free trade zone at the Port of Kaohsiung embraces a total of 520.42 hectares. The zone includes Container Terminals 1~5, Wharves 30~39 in Zhongdao (Chungtao) District, Phase 1 of the ICT & A5 (a combined 26.63 hectares), and the South Star (Nanxing) Project (49.21 hectares).
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Niche of Free ports
Niche of Free ports
Niche of Free ports

Industrial Development and Special Features

The Kaohsiung FTZ offers the following advantages:
  1.Vast areas of adjoining land, providing opportunities for achieving a multiplier effect through cooperation.
  2.Repackaging, processing, and other value-added functions can be expanded in combination with the offshore shipping center and logistics center mechanisms.
  3.With privatization, dock operations offer high-efficiency, low-cost, and high-quality services.
The industrial areas of southern Taiwan that are close to Kaohsiung Port include those of Kaohsiung County, Tainan County, Tainan City, Pingtung County, and Taitung County. The area around Kaohsiung City encompass the export processing zone of the MOEA, the Southern Taiwan Science Park, Yes Logistics Corp. of the Yang Ming Group, and inland container terminals. Large areas of surrounding land are available for development, which would attract large numbers of residents and would together produce a multiplier effect.
Nearby industrial clusters include the steel industry centered around China Steel; the petrochemical industry centered around Chinese Petroleum; the shipbuilding industry centered around China Shipbuilding; seven export processing zones including Kaohsiung, Nanzih, Chenggong, Kaohsiung Air Cargo, Linguang, Kaohsiung Software Technology, and Pingtung; and the semiconductor, opto-electronics technology, and biotechnology clusters in the Southern Taiwan Science Park.

Information System

The port has installed a networked image recognition system (IRS) to expedite the processing of containers entering and exiting the port area on flatbed trucks. This will supersede the current manual inspection process. After capturing container ID and vehicle license plate numbers, information will be verified against data in computer databases to determine, automatically, whether a truck and its container should be permitted through an access control station.

Eliminate the escort of transship containers by Customs

In order to minimize the duration of time during which containers must remain under Customs escort, shipping line costs, reduce operating expenses, the Port of Kaohsiung is in the process of planning the integration of the port’s IRS with the Bureau of Customs’ container database. Once completed, the integrated network will alleviate the current need for Customs officials to escort containers to exit stations. While continuing to ensure effective entry control, the new system will reduce processing times from over one minute to around ten seconds per flatbed truck.


Following the establishment of the Kaohsiung FTZ, the volume of cargo handled in the harbor area is steadily Kaohsiung Port’s advantageous position, enterprises can also strengthen the competitiveness of their business operations

Contact Information

Chung Mei Shan ,  Officer of the Business Development Section, Business Department, Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau
Tel:+886-7-562-2207 /+886-7-562-2324  Fax: +886-7-5214903
E-mail:T0117@twport.com.tw / T01554@twport.com.tw

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